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Audio Vaccine We are a small group of music enthusiasts, dedicated our time for searching the ultimative best in sound reproduction. It has now been more than 30 years since our journey for perfection began. The project leader is Igor Maček. Our mission started some time back when a few guys abroad were impressed with our work. So we began to export hand made cables to USA.

Developing our first cable took two years and the result was a product called AUDIO VACCINE  AVAC CABLE.  We invented  (HICC) HYBRIDS INNOVATIVE CABLE CONSTRUCTION.  This technology is allowing us to use high purity materials like gold, copper, bronze, and in particular selected nickel in a correct geometry manner. We believe, that there is NO WIRE called "best wire",... but the combination of  VARIOUS CAREFULLY SELECTED WIRES FROM DIFFERENT MATERIALS & FORMS  united in one hibrid cable can only bring true life of music to your senses.

Our cables sound like good old poetry, never boring, but thrilling with a lot of emotions for music transformation in time and space.

AUDIO VACCINE is a brand name that encompasses  all our knowledge and skills of high definition sound ! We have built many projects and are proud of our present hybrid cable products that have proven to be the world's best .



In addition to extreme thinness of the conductor,an optimal blend of conductor materals also plays an important part in sound quality.

Our wires (in HICC) are made of the purest gold, copper, and bronze and nickel.

NEW AUDIO VACCINE ULTIMATE cables have installed  - The Graham Nalty - REFERENCE plugs pioneered for the Black Rhodium brand.

Graham Nalty Legacy RangeAudio Vaccine

Audio Vaccine cable construction (AVACC), Slovenia

Distribution & Logistics;
Igor Maček ,Igor Vučkič
V-commerce, Slovenia



Cable types: loudspeaker cable, interconnect type-A, interconnect type-D

Loudspeaker CableInterconnect A cableInterconnect D cable

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AUDIO VACCINE - suprised with new ideas realized...

Today we made a step forward...


We offer 100% THE BEST REBUILT of 40 years old legend LENCO L75/L78!

Here is  the list of perfection:

  • Audio_Vaccine_The_Legend_009-1x
    completely new invented and designed INNOVATIVE plynth. Can support Lenco rebuilt  L75 or L78! 
  • made from birch plywood (6 plywood X20mm thickness in a sandwich) with THREE LAYERS APPLICATION EXOTIC VENEERING (for better sound  quality, strength,stability...),
  • we are working with CNC - computer controlled cut process / for NO tolerance deviations, 
  • we offer best PRICE for superb PERFORMANCE,
  • a guarantee to all our products,
  • possibility to install any lenght of tone arms,
  • the construct of highest possible world-class manufacturing and quality,
  • buyers can choose the particular types of housing, hard and soft type,
  • Audio_Vaccine_The_Legend-makassar_x
    available are various exotic veneers, like makassar, african palisander,  piano black ..., 
  • the Lenco chassis can be painted in different colours: pearl-silver or gold, black pearl - silver or gold,
  • we also offer the option of mounting the RCA sockets on the body,
  • a lot more... JUST ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!!

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Audio Vaccine Silvered Sockets

With the replacement of your wall socket with the Audio Vaccine Silvered Socket, you will improve the sound of your audio system very much.

The sound will significantly gain on power, rhythm and stability. If we compare it with the investment, the difference is quite incredible.

The Audio Vaccine Silvered Socket is available in silver colour and two versions, namely the single socket and the twofold socket.

At the time of the building of your house you simply install the socket into the wall, but if you want to replace the existing socket with the  Audio Vaccine Silvered Socket, you can do it very simple by yourself or an electrician can do it for you.

It has been known for a long time that you can improve the sound very much with the replacement of your voltage cables and with the usage of a quality voltage batten. The more far away the improvements with the power supply extend from the audio system, the greater is the acquisition on the sound quality. With the replacement of the usual wall socket with the Audio Vaccine Silvered Socket, you will provide a more quality distribution of the electric current to all consumers who are attached to it.

By using the Audio Vaccine Silvered Socket in the point that supplies all gadgets of the system, you will gain on the quality of the whole sound picture. On the basses and the lower middle tones the sound will significantly gain on power, dynamics and penetration, on the higher tones you will perceive a lot more space and airiness.

When you are planning and placing your audio system, you have to set yourself the following criteria:

  1. On the first place, there is the power supply, the quality of which you can improve significantly.
  2. On the second place, there is the correct placement of gadgets into space.
  3. On the third place, there is the mutual connection of the components with quality cables.
    Only when the mentioned three criteria are fulfilled, you can start thinking about purchasing other components. This order of criteria also corresponds to the priorities with the help of which you will decisively have an effect on the naturallness and vivacity of the reproduced sound.


Very attractive frames are made from brushed crystal glass and are available in Anthracite Black and Silver color variants. Also available are deluxe frames for two or three sockets in a row.



Audio Vaccine Power Distributor

AV napetostna letev
Audio Vaccine power distributor is hadcrafted from best materials. The basis are our silver plated schuko sockets, which are star-shaped connected with silver platted OFC copper leads (cross-section of 3mm2).
IEC output socket is made from rhodium or gold plated OFC copper.

The following versions are available:

  • 4 sockets (280 EUR) EXPORT PRICE 229,51 EUR
  • 5 sockets (350 EUR) EXPORT PRICE 286,88 EUR
  • 6 sockets (410 EUR) EXPORT PRICE 336,07 EUR
  • 8 sockets (540 EUR) EXPORT PRICE 442,62 EUR
  • 10 sockets (660 EUR) EXPORT PRICE 540,98 EUR

Audio Vaccine Music Serum

Plug-in Speaker & amp Bullets

-New approaches, new innovation by Audio Vaccine…

After years of research and comparative testings, we have made an innovative product for lovers of top-quality sound, who want to improve/upgrade their hi-fi-system for relatively little money...

AUDIO VACCINE-»music serum« is a passive unit with the purpose to clean up the sound signal for the usage in any hi-fi-system...

With our Music Serum the quality of hi-fi-sound improves regardless of its price tag.

What is also of great importance is that Music Serum (MS) does not set a limit to the sound signal as numerous filters do! It IS NOT a filter of any kind!

-Hybrid innovative technology...

MS is made with a special innovative hybrid technology of combining different top-quality materials that enables a broad compatibility at the connection on terminals (binding post) of the loudspeaker or the amplifier.

This hybrid technology of combining different metals and special selection of different wires (mostly gold) enables each user an improvement of sound in numerous parameters.
For the accurate combining of all metals we have developed a manual »knitting machine for metals«, which is designed to hybridly combine all metals with accuracy beyond millimetres. The central part, functioning as a sound cleaner, is made of compositive materials of accurately defined dimensions in the interior.

All procedures are finished with crimping, without any soldering. All interior isolations are made of teflon! Decorative wooden ends are handmade of ten-year-old dried walnut wood.

-Immediate improvement for little money...

AV-MUSIC SERUM is dedicated to dramatically improve sound for relatively little money...
In sound practice this means that in the majority of high-end-systems those sound improvements can be equivalent/compared to an exchange of a hi-fi-component. Because those »high-end-price-comparisons« in the way of the sound improvement of every system are drastic (high-end-gadgets are very expensive nowadays), we consider that we have developed an excellent product with an attractive price that every audiophile or recording studio should possess because it offers a similar (as mentioned above) improvement for drastically lower amount of money.

We constructed two different types of MSerums (for power amplifier or loudspeakers), since we believe that the sound improvements are greater if we use different sets for each purpose.


The external design is almost identical but it differs inside.  Each MS is accurately marked (there is a sticker on the top) for which position it is intended (loudspeaker or amplifier; connection to terminal + or -).
Both types use high-end quality bananas Graham Nalty ultimate »Legacy range«.

-The connection of one set (4 pieces) Music Serum...

The connection is done very simply via bananas or the forks. MS is connected to the binding posts of the loudspeaker or the power amplifier.


MSerums improvements:

  • the ambientality of the recordings,
  • much more air and silky highs,
  • better tonality and harmonic completeness (more lasting air resonating energy),
  • sound synergy,
  • bigger soundstage (3D like),
  • more natural  and smoother sound reproduction, 
  • higher resolution and cleaner sound,
  • better defined bass,
  • more colourfulness of vocals and instruments,
  • more openness and lightness,
  • more body and integration of sound (music is more uniform),
  • better control and 
  • improvement of musicality in whole hi-fi system.

It is significant to mention that all listed improvements have a beneficent effect on the sound in the »musical content« and not as emphasis (of the listed) of explicit segments.

MUSIC SERUM AMP GOLD and MUSIC SERUM SPEAKER GOLD now available also with spades.


Music Serum spades

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Mono and Stereo Best Buy Award

Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended product

StereoTimes Most Wanted Components 2014

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User Reviews:

Hi Mr. Igor Macek,

I want to thank you for inventing such a wonderful product.  The Music Serums (2 sets of 4) have transformed my Stereo for the better.  I have them installed on my speakers.  I needed 2 sets because the speakers are bi-wired.
The sound now is awesome  -  so beautiful.  I cannot thank you enough.

Best regards,
Chris Stevenson

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